Best TV Market to Work in - No. 2

FTVLive is spending the day telling you the best TV markets to work in. Each hour we are posting and update, until we reach the top of the list.

It's time to rate the 2nd best TV market to work in and it is Pittsburgh. 

Arguably the most competitive market in the country. It is not uncommon to see all three stations less than a rating point away from each other in the news numbers. 

Pittsburgh is the 23rd market and although it is known as a gritty steel town, the steel industry is all about dead and Pittsburgh has moved on. The Burgh is now about tech and research and sports. There may not be a better sports town on the planet (yes, I hear ya Chicago) and if you love sports, it's a great place to be. 

Great housing on the north and south side, along with cool places right downtown. Pittsburgh is a busy news town with finding stories not at all being a problem. 

With TV owners like CBS, Cox and Hearst, you can't go wrong working for any station in the steel city. 

The pay is good and the cost of living is low and many they move to Pittsburgh end up staying the rest of their TV careers. 

Check back next hour to find out the top TV market to work in.