Best TV Market to Work in - No. 1

Well, FTVLive has been counting the best TV markets to work in and we have reached the top spot on the list. 

Coming in at No. 1 is Orlando. 

Is there a better news town in the United states? 

Think about it, Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, Disney Alligator and the nightclub shooting. Those are just some of the stories that made huge news in O-Town. 

Stations owned by Cox,  Graham Media, Hearst and Fox along with a cable news outlet makes Orlando a place that employees a lot of people in TV news. You get great weather (except for July and August) and paid in sunshine. 

It is the one market you will move to, that you can be sure that your relatives will come see you. Of course, they will use you for free housing while they take the family to Disney, Universal or Sea World, but at least you get to see them. I can assure you, if you were working in Erie, they would never stop by. 

Orlando is very competitive with WFTV leading the way, but the other stations are spending money trying to catch up. 

Outside of work, if you can't find anything to do, you're most likely an idiot. Of course there are the tourist traps that can kill weekend for a year. But, there are a lot of things to off International Drive as well. 

On Monday, FTVLive will countdown the worst TV markets to work in.

That should be an interesting list.