New Little Rock Reporter already Looking to Leave Before She Even Starts

Charmaine Nero has not even started her job as a Reporter at a Little Rock station, but she is already talking about leaving.

Nero left WCJB in Gainesville, FL and  is joining KARK in Little Rock. She doesn't start the job until next month, but she is already looking to move on. 

“My ultimate goal is to return to my native New York and work as a reporter for one of the major news stations,” she said in an email according to Arkansa Business. The job at Gainesville’s ABC affiliate, was Nero’s first after leaving Columbia, where she was president of the university’s Association of Black Journalists.

Having goals in broadcasting is a great idea, talking about them out loud, not so much. 

Our advice.... It's your second job in TV, try to do the best you can and not worry about New York just yet. 

Just saying....