Controversy at the US Open

This was Fox's second year covering golf's US Open and they improved a lot in one year. 

Fox replaced Greg Norman with Paul Azinger, which was a huge upgrade. Zinger knows what he's doing and handled the coverage well. Unfortunatly, Fox is sticking with Joe Buck and it isn't likely they will change that. Buck is excellent at baseball coverage, very good at football, but not very good at golf. 

But, Joe Buck is the face of Fox Sports and he is likely to stay on the golf coverage.

The biggest moment in Sunday's coverage was when Dustin Johnson had the golfball move while he was on the 5th green. Johnson did not do anything for the ball to move a fraction on an inch, so no penalty was called. 

As Johnson continued with his round, the USGA looked closer at the video and then decided that maybe Johnson did make the ball move and "maybe" it was a penalty. 

The rules official told Johnson that he might or might not be charged with a one stroke penalty after the round. This left the Fox Broadcasters in a flux, as no one knew what the true score was. Buck did not want to slam the USGA, Fox's relatively new partner. But analyst Brad Faxon and Paul Azinger did and so did Twitter. 

USGA started trending on Twitter and fans let the golf gods know they were not happy with the "might be a penalty" statement. 

FTVLive, had to do some work to our TV to make sure we knew what was going on. 

In the end, Dustin Johnson won by more than enough strokes, that he didn't need to bother with the penalty (which the USGA did give him after his round).

Johnson took the trophy and nearly $2 million bucks in prize money and headed out of Western, PA. Here's hoping he can spend some of that money on a dress for his fiancé Paulina Gretzky that fits a little better.