Sponsor Love - Devlin Design Group

FTVLive is going to spend the month of June giving thanks to the people that make FTVLive possible.

Our sponsors.

FTVLive only allows sponsors on our site that we believe in their business and have total respect for their people. While other websites are happy to take ad dollars from anyone, FTVLive will not. It might not be the best business model, but we would rather turn down money from companies we don't believe in, then take the money and sellout. 

If you see a company's ad on FTVLive, you can be assured it is top notch and one of the best in the business.

Like Devlin Design Group

When FTVLive was looking at becoming a free site, one of the first people we talked to was Dan Devlin. He jumped onboard right away and has been a big supporter of FTVLive for years.

Dan and his company have also been giants in the TV industry for years. Simply put, Devlin builds the best news sets in TV.

With over 25 years of experience and a solid reputation in broadcasting.  DDG provides their clients with innovative designs for today’s broadcast news market. DDG Clients describe our work as, hip, visually stunning, progressive, and forward thinking.

Check out some of their work, it's impressive to say the least.