Breaking News? Ummmmmm.....

The TV media get taken to task for their overuse of "breaking news". A shooting could happen at 1PM in a parking lot and at 11PM, a Reporter will be standing in the now dark and empty parking lot, yet it will still be slugged "Breaking News".

As long as their are news consultants, "Breaking News" is here to stay. 

But, in a online story, KOCO might have taken the no breaking news to a whole new level. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 6.03.28 AM.png

The station reported that a "large piece" of concrete had fallen off a local bridge. But, when you read the station's story, that may or may not have been true. 

Here is how the station reported the story:

OHP responds to report of concrete falling off Belle Isle Bridge

Authorities are responding to reports of a large piece of concrete that has fallen off the Belle Isle Bridge onto the road below.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol has responded to the scene and did not find significant damage.

ODOT says they are not responding to the bridge, but did respond to a crash on the bridge earlier on Wednesday. There was no structural damage after that crash, according to ODOT.

It’s unclear if any roads are currently closed. No injuries have been reported.

The cops showed up, looked around and could not find anything. So just how large was this reported piece of concrete that fell? 

The DOT is not even responding to the bridge.

And THIS is Breaking News? Can we set the bar any lower?