Buffalo Station Paying Viewers $2.00 for Survey

WIVB in Buffalo has commissioned a survey to find out what viewers think about their morning news Anchors. 

And they are paying people for their thoughts. 

Those filling out the survey from Valued Opinions that is continuing for several more days are awarded $2.00.

Two whole bucks! Where is a viewer goings to spend all that money? 

One person that took the survey, said that the questions focused on the station’s morning co-anchors Jordan Williams and Teresa Weakley (pictured) as a pair and whether he liked their style and banter. He added the survey also asked individual questions about their delivery and likability. To get opinions from those who aren’t regular viewers, clips were shown of a news story and the subsequent banter.

The survey asked similar questions about morning meteorologist Mike Cejka and showed an entire weather forecast.

WIVB News Director Scott Levy initially was unaware of the survey but later confirmed it was being done for his station.

During the recently-concluded May sweeps, WIVB had significantly cut into the lead of WGRZ in the 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. time periods from a year ago but it still lags by a big margin in the morning.

In a text message, Levy said the station has “no plans” to replace anyone in the morning.

Ummmm...you want to put a couple of bucks on that? 

H/T Buffalo News