Another Reason to Name to the Orlando Shooter

Over the past few years, it has become a thing for members of the news media not to name the killers in mass shootings.

Reporters pledge to not say the shooter's name or use his picture. CNN's Anderson Cooper and FNC's Megyn Kelly are two of a number of Journalists that say they will not utter the name Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter. 

Because each one of them make a point of telling people that they will not be naming the shooter, it comes off more self serving then anything else.

How about, you just don't use the name, instead of calling attention to yourself, for not doing so?

FTVLive, thinks it's a Journalist's job to report the facts of the story and that includes giving the WHO in the who, what where, when and why?

But, here is another reason to use the shooter's name and show his picture. 

During a news conference on Wednesday, the FBI released new pictures Mateen. The FBI says they want to talk to anyone who recognizes Mateen and has talked to him.

So, maybe by the media showing his photo, some person will see it and say something like, "I remember that guy, he sat next to me on a flight to London."

You never know who is watching your newscast and maybe that picture of the shooter can give the FBI more information. 

Food for thought.