Trump: I Won't Ban Reporters When I'm President

Donald Trump has banned countless Reporters and media organizations from his events, but he claims that if he is elected President, he won't do that.

Really? A leopard can't change his spots.

CNN media critic Brian Stelter gushed that Trump called him from his car after his rally in North Carolina. Stelter says he, "could hear the motorcade sirens through the phone." OH BOY!

Trump called Stelter and asked,"Did you see it?" talking about the rally. Seriously? Trump is like an 8 year old, calling his friend to see if he watched him on TV.

Of course his friend Brian watched, he works at the Trump news network. Plus, Brain was excited because he could hear the sirens and everything. 

The CNN media critic says that in his "exclusive interview" (you know, because it is so hard to Trump to talk to the media), Trump says he won't ban Reporters from the press briefing room. "When I'm representing the United States, I wouldn't do that. But I would let people know if somebody's untruthful." 

Of course, when the press let the people know that Donald Trump is untruthful....he bans them. 

We're sure Brian will never be banned, he and Donald are BFF's.