No Longer Playing in Traffic?

The last time FTVLive checked in on KHSB (KC) Traffic Reporter Kacie McDonnell, she had uploaded a video of her seductively sitting on an old abandon car with shirt unbuttoned quite aways.

McDonnell pulled the video after FTVLive posted the story and then emailed us to complain. She told the Philly Daily news, "I'm loving my career in Kansas City."

Well after seeing this job posting, we are wondering what is going on with McDonnell? 

Is she no longer reporting the traffic? Does she no longer love her KC career? Did she find another pro athlete to date in a different market. 

Inquiring minds want to know.

OK maybe they don't, but there is a Traffic Reporter job open in KC if you're interested. The job description says nothing about having to do music videos as well.