Florida Stations Go Wall to Wall with Nightclub Shooting

While most of you watched the shooting coverage play out of the TV and cable news networks, FTVLive was watching the Orlando stations cover the story.

All the Orlando stations were at the top of their game. The coverage was excellent with most Reporters sticking to the facts. It started off slow in early morning coverage, but as word came down about the enormity of the scene, O-Town stations were soon all hands on deck. 

The one drawback was the O-Town station's websites, while their coverage was excellent, load times were slow as stations were getting overwhelmed with traffic. WFTV seemed to do the best covering the story online, WESH led the way on air. 

WFTV's coverage was solid on air until this:

Wow! Really...you went there? Hello McFly?! This is not news, of course the "hard left" is going to talk about gun control. Just as the "hard right" will say that if people in the club were armed, this never would have happened. 

How can you use the lives of 50+ people, to push your political agenda just hours after those people were killed? 

WFTV should be ashamed to let this person use the killings to make a political statement. 

Tampa stations also went wall to wall with coverage, but did not have as many crews on the scene as the Orlando stations. 

For the most part, it was local TV news at it's best, bettering the cable nets in coverage and sticking more to straight facts than conjecture. Except for the WFTV incident.

It showed that when a huge story hits, local news is the best place to turn for the story.

Now, let's hope that don't try to turn their coverage into a big slap on the back promo sometime next week.

Your coverage was solid guys, don't blow it by tooting your own horn. This is not the story to do that on.