Taking Over for Ed

When Fox News White House Corespondent Ed Henry got caught with his pants down (pardon the pun), Fox News had a big hole to fill.  

Henry was covering the Clinton campaign for FNC, when a story broke, claiming he was having an affair with a Vegas hostess. Fox News said that Henry was, "taking some time off to work things out."

But now with Clinton locking up the nomination and making her run for the White House, Fox News needed to find a replacement for Henry. So the network has turned to national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin.

Griffin has been assigned to cover Secretary Clinton’s presidential campaign for the network. She  joins chief congressional correspondent Mike Emanuel, who has been reporting on the Clinton campaign for the past month.

As for Henry? His future at the network is unknown, but at least one Fox News staffer tells FTVLive, "I don't really think he's coming back."

If I was Henry, I would stay away from Vegas as well.

Just saying....