Oh Boy....

Now that Megyn Kelly has gone groveling back to Donald Trump, it appears that Trump is putting CNN in his crosshairs. 

New Day Anchor Chris Cuomo asked Trump (who of course was on the phone) a straight up solid question.

Trump got his panties in a bunch because Cuomo did not congratulate him on winning the GOP nomination. 

He then called CNN the Clinton Network. Yes the guy that is talked about on CNN 24/7, has been given millions of dollars in free air time from CNN, is blaming CNN for being in the bag for Hillary.

Seriously? Jeff Zucker will do anything you ask Mr. Trump. You want an hour on CNN? Zucker will give it to you. You want two hours?  It's yours. 

One CNN Anchor asks you a solid question and you fly off the handle. 

Here's some news for Trump, when/if you are President, you are not going to get much congratulations and you are going to get a lot of criticism, you might want to learn how to deal with it and stop looking for pats on the back.

Let's go to the interview: