Screw the Facts, This is Ratings

There is no doubt that local news stations like to amp up during ratings. 

Sometimes stations will hype a story just to get more viewers and if the facts get in the way, just run right over them. 

Let's take a closer look at what happened in Milwaukee late last week. 

Thursday was a violent night in Milwaukee.  But maybe the most dangerous people on the mean streets of Milwaukee that night, WISN and WTMJ.

Between the two stations, they managed  kill off 2 people who were not dead.

WISN reported that a Milwaukee police officer was shot and killed. It is the story that makes any cops heart sink. The station said that the officer was killed by a robber.

We're happy to report that the cop is still alive and the robber is the one pushing up daisies.

It's never good when the police department has to take to social media for correct your mistakes. 

WTMJ reported a 9 year old girl shot in head had died.  Small mistake--- she's not dead. 

Across the street, WTMJ reported that a 9 year old boy was shot in the head and was killed. 

The child was seriously hurt, but he was not dead at the time of the station's report

But this is May sweeps and sometimes you need to hype those stories for the newscast....right?