If You Work in TV News, This Should Piss You Off

You may remember that FTVLive was the FIRSt to tell you that the Fox owned stations (AKA The Firm) were looking to have viewers start covering the news for them. 

Using the app Fresco News, the assignment desk can send viewers to the scenes of stories and have them shoot the news instead of one of the station's own crews. 

Well now, Fox Philly WTXF is launching a new 11PM newscast and they say that it will feature viewer-generated news, provided by the Fresco News App.

“This is the anti-network, 11 p.m. newscast. It’s a lightning pace, hang-on-to-your-seat rundown of what’s happening each night and need-to-know news of the day,” says WTXF GM Jim Driscoll.

The "anti network"? Because, you know, the networks aren't having the viewers do their work for them.

At least not yet.

Imagine if other businesses took that approach. Let's say a hospital quits having Doctors do all the surgeries and maybe let's a few people come in off the street and preform a few. 

The idea that TV stations are going to let viewers gather the news is a slap in the face of professional journalists that do this for a living. 

But, unfortunately TV news is no longer about professionalism, it's about money and ratings. 

Ed Murrow just flipped over one more time.