Dressing Up for TV News

Brian Lawson was a newspaper Reporter for years, but now that job is almost extinct and Lawson has made the move to TV news and WHNT. 

The problem is Lawson was on TV, but he still looked like a "newspaper guy," you know, that “rumpled” look that you see the paper people wearing at the press conferences. 

So, since he moved to TV news and it's May sweeps, what better time for a "makeover story'?

At the end of the story posted on the WHNT website they say this, "EDITOR'S NOTE: WHNT News 19 would like to thank Jeff Johnson and Mary Zingarelli at Terrame for their help with Brian's hair and makeup.  We'd also like to thank Greg Hill at Belk's Bridge Street location for his expertise and recommendations on the clothing."

And you know why they said that?

Because then they can get all of it free.

Sometimes the difference between newspaper and TV is very slight.