Help is There if You Need it

Over the years FTVLive has posted stories about Journalists that just could not take it anymore and decided to end their life. 

FTVLive has urged people that work in TV news to reach out when they are feeling down and just think there is no other way out. 

This business has some awesome highs and some really deep lows. If you work in TV news, you never need to ride a rollercoaster, because you do that on a weekly basis.

Well, there is help if you need it. 

A group of news people have come together to help others and have launched a toll-free number for other journalists to call: 855-9-JOURNO. 

They say, "There's a number of good resources and crisis hotlines throughout the country, but as we all know, news is a different beast; it has its own language, lingo, humor, and sometimes it's hard to explain things to those outside of news. 

What we hope to achieve with this phone number is for those who are having a tough day and feel like they can't talk with anyone, can call us and remain anonymous, with the hopes of getting them through a tough time. You don't have to be suicidal to call; if you just need to talk, give it a ring. 

If something more serious is involved, we will hand the call off to a counselor at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline."

Here's the group's website.