Buffalo Reporter Moving on

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A Western New York Reporter is shuffling off from Buffalo.

Reporter Desiree Wiley is signing off from last place WKBW and is not yet saying where she is headed. 

WKBW General Manager Mike Nurse confirmed to the Buffalo News that Wiley is leaving at the end of her contract in July. He added he doesn’t know where she is going, but presumably it is for opportunities in larger markets (really? he doesn't know?).

Reached this morning, Wiley wrote that she can't confirm anything now because she is still under contract and has nothing to announce.

She recently became engaged to David Fluellen Jr., who, like Wiley, is from Lockport (Buffalo suburb). A star running back at the University of Toledo, Fluellen now is a member of the Tennessee Titans of the NFL. He was on the team's practice squad last season.

Wiley wrote on Twitter in March that she and Fluellen hope to get married in July of 2017.

She is expected to sign off from WKBW in July.