The Lying Surly Editor

There is a media website run out of Reddick, (yes we said Red Dick) Florida run by a person that plays fast and loose with the facts.

The site wants people to pay around $300 a year to read stories that it swipes from FTVLive and other websites. 

The editor of of this site has watched his membership dwindle and sources say he's been trying to sell off the site for years. 

There is no doubt that the guy that dubs himself "Surly Editor" (yes he even went so far to trademark the name, seriously, we're not kidding) has been jealous of FTVLive for a longtime. He takes shots at us, hoping and wishing that we would mention him.

He emails us and invites us to dinner and a basketball game one day and then the next day lashes out at us. Some might think the guy is bi-polar. 

FTVLive must admit that we don't stop by that website very often anymore. It rarely if ever breaks news and most often his site is days and sometimes weeks behind. 

He once reported that a former Anchor was returning to his old station. The only problem was, the former Anchor had been dead for over a year. The story is still posted on his site. 

This is what his few members get when he tries to actually report a story that he didn't steal from another site. 

The Reddick site claims that it gets 160,000 page views to it's front page a month. A recent screenshot from FTVLive's statcounter, shows that we get more than that in a single day. 

Most often when Mr. Surly takes jealous swipes at FTVLive, we either don't see it, or just ignore him like a nat at a picnic. He's really just not worth the time. 

But this morning, he resorted to a boldface lie and this time we feel we have to respond. 

Yesterday, at 7:25AM you read the story on FTVLive about the Nashville Sports Anchor that claimed he was fired for making references to Prince songs during his sportscast. 

Gawker's Deadspin also posted the story 4 hours after FTVLive. 

Mr. Surly writes, "Interestingly, hours after the Deadspin story was posted online, it was repeated, almost verbatim, on FTVLive, without crediting the original source. The website, which noticed the similarities, stopped short of accusing FTVLive of plagiarism."

Let's be honest, FTVLive is good, but we are not yet quite there were we can see 4 hours into the future. So, it would be impossible for us to post a story at 7:25AM and steal it from Deadspin when they didn't post their story until 4 hours later. 

Here's a screen shot of FTVLive's post time, in which you guys first read the story in the morning:

Here is the time that Deadspin posted the story

Surly's claim that, ", which noticed the similarities, stopped short of accusing FTVLive of plagiarism."

They said no such thing and didn't even imply that. We have a great relationship with that site, they use our stuff, we use theirs and both sides always give credit. 

The only person "accusing FTVLive of plagiarism" is the editor of this dying media site located in Reddick. 

By the way we also tweeted a a tease to the story at 9:15AM, which is still two hours before the Deadspin story was posted: 

"Now, we concede that when it comes plagiarism, Mr. Surly is an expert. He does it better than anyone. 

It also got his wish. He's been begging us to mention him and his site for a longtime. We did that Today and we even emailed him back for the first time that we can remember.

Here is the email we sent him: 

When it comes to plagiarism...there is no doubt you are an expert in the field. I concede that to you with no debate. 

FTVLive posted our story on the Nashville sports Anchor at 7:27AM

Deadspin posted their story at 11:25AM

Now, we're good, but we can not yet see into the future and it would have been impossible for FTVLive to steal a story from Deadspin that wasn't even posted until 4 hours after FTVLive's story.

I know you play fast and loose with the facts, but really dude, before you start making false claims, you need to make it so it isn't so easy to discredit.

Thanks for reading everyday. 

I know it's been hard for you as your membership continues to shrink. 

Let me know if I can help out in anyway.


Surly wrote us back and trying to get us to trash Deadspin: 

"Are you accusing Deadspin of plagiarizing your story?"

This was our reply: 

Seriously?! Are you trying to put those words in my mouth?  Hell no! .....I'm not accusing them of anything anything. Believe it or not, sources talk to more than one website. I'm sure that Deadspin has sources just like FTVLive does. They do a great job and I'm a big fan of their site. You'll have to look somewhere else if you're trying to stir something up. 

We then followed up

You logged onto FTVLive yesterday morning (3 times) before 8:30AM, I'm sure you saw the story. It was also shared on Facebook 7 times through the share link on the FTVLive story, 5 of those shares happened before the Deadspin story was even posted. You can search Facebook and see that. 

I also tweeted a tease to the the story at 9:15AM yesterday. Still over two hours before the Deadspin story was posted. 

You knew your story was bullshit when you wrote it. You beg for attention from FTVLive, you resort to petty shit time and time again.

I didn't steal the story from Deadspin and I'm positive they didn't steal it from me. 

It's just people that make calls have sources and do their job. You should try it sometime. 

I would ask you to do the right thing, but I know that would fall on deaf ears. 

Screenshots below, as if they are even needed.

Part of us feels sorry for this guy, but when you try to say that we stole a story, it gets us a bit angry. 

Look, asking him to to the right thing is a waste of time. His jealously of this website runs so deep it's bordered on obsessive. 

We are not going to get into a back and forth, something that he has been trying for years. But this time we needed to set the record straight, call this jerk out and now move on. 

I know most of you don't even have a clue as to what site I'm talking about. This is inside baseball and for that I apologize. 

But, sometimes you have to stick up for yourself, your website and frankly all other websites that do it right. 

I'm getting down off my soapbox now.