Reporters Invited to White House for Interview, but there was a catch

Here's a question for you.

You're a Reporter, invited to the White House to interview President Obama, but there is one catch. 

You are told what one of your questions has to be asked. Do you still go, or do you take a stand and tell the President thanks, but no thanks? 

Six Anchors from around the country said that despite being told that they had to ask a specific question, they still went. 

One of those stations was WKRC in Cincinnati and Anchor Cammy Dierking. 

“I was invited to the White House along with five other anchors from around the country, and really the only requirement we had is that one of our questions to President Obama had to do with the Supreme Court nominee, his nominee, Merrick Garland,” Dierking said. 

It appears that the Obama administration wanted to use some local media to his advantage. Obama made the pitch for his Supreme Court pick to stations in markets with vulnerable Senate Republicans who are facing increased pressure from Democrats to make a move on Garland’s nomination according to The Blaze. 

So if the President is using your station for his message and you are told you must ask a specific question, do you go?

FTVLive thinks the answer should be "no".

I know getting the chance to sit down with the President in the May book is huge and I would jump at the chance, if the restrictions were not placed on the interview. 

Stations will argue that "it's sweeps, you have to go."

But if you teased, "Our Anchor was invited to the White House an interview with the President and why we said no.....find out why at 11," would have brought viewers in even more than if you didn't go.

Donald Trump has shown that having CNN, Fox News and MSNBC cater to your every whim is not good for the media or the press in general. Let's not have the local media go down the same road. 

You guys are much better than the cable nets, please don't start stooping to their level. 

Just saying.....