Alabama's WBMA was busy tooting their own horn, about how their newscast help find a missing senior.

Ummmm.... that isn't exactly what happened, but hey, never let the facts get in the way of a good story. 

The station writes on their website, " The Winston County Sheriff's Office confirms a senior, reported missing Thursday morning, is safe. She was found because of a tip we received in the ABC 33/40 newsroom tonight."

Now, you might think that the woman was kidnapped and thanks to WBMA, she was rescued alive. Or maybe she fell down a well, and WBMA's reporting got her found. 

Well, it's not nearly as sexy as all that. 

Linda Jean Hayes' great-niece called the station to tell them that Linda Jean was just fine and stopped by for a visit. 

WBMA says that, "We passed along the information to the sheriff's office, who got in touch with the woman to confirm the information."

It was confirmed and everyone is just fine. 

Kudos for the major hype, but the book is over gang.

Just saying....