"Buenos Días!"

On Saturday, KTRK (Houston) Anchor Mayra Moreno greeted viewers with a "hello", well, she didn't say "hello", she said, "Buenos Días."

Those two words got a number of Houston viewers out from under their Confederate flag to complain about the Anchor's hello.

How dare she, not speak American in America, were the cries that could be heard from pickup trucks all over Houston. Not only that, she did it on Memorial Day weekend! The nerve of her. 

Moreno took to social media to say that she was surprised that a simple greeting was blowing up.

Her post to Twitter:

And to Facebook: 

The good news to the fine folks in Houston, once Donald Trump becomes President, you can bet this shit will stop, And if Miss Moreno tries that shit again, she'll be on the other side of Trump's "beautiful wall."