"Retired" Buffalo Weatherman to work for the Local Newspaper

When longtime WIVB Weatherman Don Paul announced that he was "retiring" from the station, many thought it was more of a push than a retirement.

The station has been pushing high priced talent to the curb and replacing them with younger and cheaper. 

Paul is now taking his talents to the dark side. He has begun working for the newspaper the Buffalo News. Apparently, no one has filled Paul in on the state of the newspaper industry. 

“For me, this is a great opportunity to get into topics I just couldn’t squeeze in during a short weathercast,” Paul wrote on Facebook.

"I'm going to have more time to think about the subject at hand, and to figure out how much of a clue I have on that topic," he said. "After researching the subject matter, it will be safer to go into greater depth on some of those topics I could only briefly mention in an ad lib medium (TV weathercasts are unscripted, contrary to popular opinion). One primary goal will be to provide some education not just to interested readers, but to me, too. Along the way, I would hope we'll have some fun."

He also added that if the other stations in town call him for work, he says he's available. 

Doesn't sound much like a "retirement" now does it?

H/T Buffalo News