Philly Anchor's Stalker is Headed to Prison

The man that stalked  former KYW Anchor Erika von Tiehl is headed to prison.

John Hart apologized Thursday but only to a Philadelphia judge and not to von Tiehl. writes that John Hart said he's learned from his conviction for stalking and sending threatening text messages to former KYW Anchor after she broke up with him in 2011. But those lessons, he told Judge Gwendolyn N. Bright, were largely related to how "lucky and truly blessed I am" to have supportive family and friends.

Hart, speaking in a Philadelphia courtroom during his sentencing hearing, had little to say about his crimes and the impact they had on von Tiehl, saying simply that he wanted to "focus on the future and the ways I can be a better person."

"I look forward to living a life of tranquility," he said.

That journey will start in prison.

Hart, 39, of Havertown, was sentenced Thursday to 2 1/2 to five years in prison for his crimes against the onetime news anchor.

Bright, in imposing a stiffer-than-normal sentence for Hart's counts, said she did so because of his history of convictions for harassing other women. His record included 11 arrests, she said, although she did not go into detail about each one.

The judge also noted that Hart was intelligent and surrounded by well-intentioned supporters, but showed "a completely different face" around many women.

"You do what you want . . . and it's got to stop," she said. "A lot of the time you've spent in custody has been the result of being your own enemy."

Hart also admitted to Bright on Thursday that he often had acted out-of-line toward her while serving as his own attorney, and he apologized for his conduct.

McMahon called the sentence "fair," and said "hopefully John will learn from this and have a productive life."