3 Kings Entertainment is Acquired

3 Kings Entertainment with is owned and operated by Matthew Kingsley has announced that their agency has been acquired by Blue Equity, LLC.

Blue Equity previously developed a sports and entertainment platform known as Blue Entertainment Sports Television (BEST) and quickly grew it into one of the largest within the sector. Blue Entertainment Sports Television included major NBA, NFL, and tennis practices as well as divisions involved in the production and marketing of events and media. In 2010, Blue Equity sold the company to Lagardère Unlimited and was under a multi-year non-compete that has since expired.

Kingsley says the deal will make 3 Kings Entertainment a bigger and better force in the talent representation industry. “Over the past decade, I have been approached by multiple sports and Hollywood agencies but could never see the fit. After meeting Jonathan Blue, I knew that I wanted to be in business with him and his organization, especially after seeing what he was able to accomplish in building the BEST platform. His vision for the future of the talent representation industry aligns with mine. Also, I recognized that this partnership will give 3 Kings Entertainment a bigger platform, better access and greater opportunities for my clients,” Kingsley says. 

“We are delighted to partner with Matthew Kingsley and the company he has developed over the past 13 years. My management team and I believe that 3 Kings Entertainment is a phenomenal agency which represents many high profile clients over a wide variety of industry mediums," said Jonathan S. Blue, Chairman and Managing Director of Blue Equity, LLC.

The broadcasting agency will continue to operate under the name 3 Kings Entertainment in the interim with additional lifestyle and sports firm acquisitions to be announced by Blue Equity in the upcoming months.