Technical Difficulties in the Twin Cities

Tenga owned KARE in Minneapolis has been having a number of technical glitches lately involving their newscasts.

Technical problems are never good, but during a major rating book, they are even worse. Most of the problems seem to be happening on the Master Control end, which is hubbed out to save money (imagine that?).

Last night's newscast was a technical meltdown. After NBC 's Nightly News ended and the station was ready to start up their local news, it went south. 

Viewers watching KARE, saw an NBC countdown slate for a while before Nightly's west coast feed started playing. It was supposed to be KARE's newscast.

After the network newscast was shown for a few minutes, then the screen goes completely green. 

It stays green for 10 min or so before they finally get up a "technical difficulties" slate. That stays up until about 6:20 or 6:25 when the newscast finally gets rolling -- albeit with no audio.

They finally get that figured out and things start rolling for real around 6:25. Once they get to weather, the Weather Anchor's mic dies and the News Anchor joins her at the weather wall to switch out mics. 

The show was a complete disaster.

They even tried to do a Facebook Live during the technical problems and as you can see, even that didn't go well.