Chicago Wxman Hoping Viewers See a Lot Less of Him

Legendary Chicago Weatherman Tom Skilling is hoping viewers will see a lot less of him in the near future.

No, he's not cutting back on his workload.

He has put himself on a diet. 

Skilling has worked at WGN for almost 4 decades and while his respect has expanded with viewers over that time, so has his waistline.

So, with a little help from concerned viewers, Skilling decided 2016 was the year to start living a healthier lifestyle.

WGN writes that with his doctor's approval, Tom started with baby steps, first by eating better; no diet Mountain Dews or late night fast food stops.

And on a snowy April 7th, about six weeks ago, he bumped it up by getting some professional help with his diet and exercise routine.

We asked Tom what he thought about sharing his journey to become more active and try to get back into some of his suits. He was reluctant at first, but hopes what he's learning can help others.

See what he's doing to drop the pounds.