Trashing the Future of Storm Tracking

Back in September, FTVLive told you that WMC in Memphis had taken the wraps off of StormTracker 5.

Although it looked just like an SUV, WMC claimed that the vehicle would, "forever change storm tracking in the Mid-South."

IN our September story, FTVLive wrote, "After looking at the picture that WMC posted, I hope that extension cord going into the back door is really really long. Otherwise, I don't think that StormTracker 5 is going to get very far from the station."

Well, it appears we got that one right. FTVLive has obtained and internal memo from WMC's Operation Manager who says that crews are driving off in Storm Tracker 5 and forgetting to unplug it.

They are also not doing a good job of keeping the "future of storm tracking" very clean. 

Here's the memo:

To all StormTracker Operators-

The StormTracker vehicle is an invaluable resource with cool tools and gadgets, no one else in the market and only a select few in Raycom has access to.
Unfortunately, the StormTracker is not even a year old and it is already being abused.  Drinks have been spilled and not cleaned up.  Opened food containers, with food still in them have been left in the consoles.  The  remote controls have been misplaced more than once.  People have driven off the lot with the extension cord still plugged into the wall.  Even the power inverter has been left on and the battery run down – TWICE! 
This general lack of care is sad and completely unacceptable.
Once we are out of the book, the technology team will lead everyone that operates the StormTracker in one-on-one training sessions.  Everyone that operates the equipment in the back or simply drives the vehicle, will go through care and safety certification similar to our ENG Van Certification.
I expect everyone to be responsible and accountable when utilizing station resources.
Look for calendar invites for your individual session in the coming days.  In the meantime, if there are any questions or concerns, please let me know.
Brent Green
News Operations Manager