Miami Reporter Sacked While on Disability Leave

On May 10th, FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that WPLG had parted ways with longtime Miami Reporter John Turchin. 

Now word comes that Turchin was sacked while out on disability leave from the station. 

Gossip Extra says that while on vacation Turchin broke his right ankle. The injury was so bad that his foot almost faced in the wrong direction.

After surgery and months of rehab, Turchin was hoping to get back on the air when he was told there was no room left for him in the news operation.

Turchin declined comment on the details of his exit.

“I love the industry,” he said, “and I’d love to return to it. I devoted a career in covering law enforcement.”

“John feels hurt the station refused to keep a place for him,” a station source said. “He is pretty bitter. He was still in a walker at the time they canned him.

“All he asked for is to be able to work more inside and less on the streets. They refused to accommodate him.”

WPLG News Director Bill Pohovey declined comment because, he said, “the matter involves confidential and personal information that includes health.”