Owning Up to an Embarrassing Mistake

Yesterday, FTVLive pointed you to a story of an Orlando Reporter that thought that anti-theft devices in a college library were metal detectors. To make matters worse, WFTV Reporter Karla Ray walked through the "metal detectors" with her microphone to prove that they were not on. 

It was obvious to just about everyone (except Ray) that the devices had nothing to do with detecting guns or other metal and was in place to stop people from stealing books. 

It was embarrassing to say the least, but we have to give Karla Ray credit, she owned up to her mistake.

Ray pointed FTVLive to a Facebook post that she made after she wiped the egg off her face. Look, everyone makes stupid mistakes, but not everyone owns up to them and is upfront and honest. Karla Ray was and for that we say good job. 

Here's her Facebook post about the incident: