This Surprises Absolutely No One

FTVLive told you yesterday that Cleveland's WJW was teasing a major announcement from 85 year old Weatherman Dick Goddard. 

The station ran promo after promo talking about Dick's major announcement.

Anyone with half a brain could figure out that Goddard was going to announce his retirement and that is exactly what he did. 

It was a sweeps stunt to try and suck in viewers in the May book. Of course the station isn't putting away their Dick just yet. 

No, he will not sign off his weather duties until the November book. Yes folks, this is a sweeps stunt that will span not one, but two ratings books. 

And even when Goddard does step away from the weather wall, he will still be on the air doing "pet stuff" as he put it.

Here is the video his MAJOR announcement and if it seems a bit anti-climatic, believe us, it really was.