NY Anchor Takes Plea Deal in Court Case

FTVLive FIRST told you back in February that WABC Anchor Liz Cho was busted by police on her way to work. 

Cho was caught by police talking on her cell phone while driving her brand-new BMW on New York's Upper West Side. She was also driving on a suspended license, because her insurance had lapsed. 

Cho had her date with the judge and her attorney made a plea on her behalf. 

Cho, who did not appear in court, plead out to a traffic violation yesterday in Manhattan Criminal Court. The plea was  part of a deal for driving on a suspended license.

“This was a routine traffic stop complicated by a clerical error,” said her attorney Alan Abramson.

“To be clear, Ms. Cho’s car was always properly insured,” he added. “The matter was resolved today as all other traffic violations are handled."

She had to pay a fine of $75. 

H/T NY Daily News