Former LA News Director Takes Swipes at Old Station

Back in June of last year, FTVLive was the FIRSt to tell you that KCBS had parted ways with News Director Scott Diener.

Well, Diener seems to be still critiquing his old station on social media. 

The former ND took his old station to task for the way they covered Bernie Sanders win in Oregon in the presidential primary (here's a link to the KCBS story). 

Diener posted this to his Facebook:

As a news director, I would tell people "Don't Make Up the News!" Last night on the "newscast of record" at 11p, a local station in LA reported it was an UPSET win in Oregon for Bernie Sanders. Huh? I don't think Hillary even campaigned there. And then the station reported it was standing room only at the 27,000 seat capacity Stub Hub Soccer Center for a Bernie rally. Really? It looked from the station's video (and other on-line reports) the event was actually held at the 9,000 seat capacity tennis center. So what gives? A very well-paid writer, producer, EP and anchor all go over the copy before it airs. Some producer trying to make Bernie look good? Or is it just less attention paid to the facts in traditional newsrooms?

One KCBS insider points out, "What's even more interesting is that all but one of the the "well-paid" staff he mentioned were either his hires or were promoted by him."

So maybe he should get some of the blame.

Just saying....