WPLG Pulls Off Newscast

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that WPLG in Miami was dealing with some major technical problems and getting the newscast on the air was in doubt. 

Newsroom insiders said that station engineers did some sort of generator test and it did not go well. 

Word was that a number of machines took a hit, much of editing was down and video was lost. 

The staff was able to pull off the newscasts yesterday evening, although there were several  glitches. 

Word is a "part" that is needed to fix the problem is still a day away and that means it will be  a trying 24 hours for staffers. 

All the file tape and video shot recently has vanished from the stations system. The staff hopes this is just temporary. 

To get the newscast on the air, Editors, Photographers and members of the promotions department worked some small miracles to make it happen. 

"Packages and stories were being manually rolled out of several edit bays and the feed room while (News Director) Bill Pohovey sat in his glass office as if nothing was wrong," said one station insider to FTVLive. 

Stay tuned....