Why Even Cover the Story?

Back on May 6th, KCTV covered a high speed chase in Kansas City. Well, "covered" might not be a good word to use.

The Anchors were lost as to what was happening and then when something did happen, the station cut away from the action. 

At one point, the Anchors thought the suspect had been shot by police, the camera cut away and showed one Anchor with her head in her hand. 

Then they took the live shot again and the suspect was running away one more time. Just as one officer was closing in on the suspect, the station cut away again to the Anchors that had no clue what was going on. 

Back to the video and the suspect is on the ground, being cuffed by cops.

If you are so afraid of showing viewers something awful, like the suspect being shot, why take the live video at all?

Maybe KCTV should leave the police chase coverage to the LA stations that seem to know what they are doing. 

Just a thought.