Sweeps Stunt

Because WJW in Cleveland wants viewers to watch their newscast, they are resorting to a longtime sweeps stunt to do just that. 

The station has said that longtime weatherman Dick Goddard is going to make a "major announcement" tonight on the 6PM newscast. 

Is he running for President? No. Donating millions to medical research? Not likely.

So what will this major announcement be? 

"I'm just not allowed to say what it is," Goddard said Tuesday during a telephone conversation. "I can't say anything to you. I wish I could. You have to watch. I promised the station I wouldn't say anything."

The odds are that Goddard who is 85 years old will announce that he is retiring, or at least semi-retiring. Some think he will give up his weather duties, but will still be on the air to promote animal welfare, rescue and adoption.

Contacted Tuesday for comment, executives at WJW remained tightlipped, you know, because this is 5th grade. 

"You'll just have to watch Wednesday night at 6," said Kevin Salyer, Channel 8's vice president for programming and promotion.

I will say this, if his announcement is anything short of he has come up with a cure for cancer, I'm going to be very disappointed.

Just saying....

H/T Cleveland Plain Dealer