San Antonio Anchor Says Sorry for Laughing at Penis Story

WOAI Anchor Randy Beamer got a laugh out of the story about the first man to have a penis transplant. 

Beamer (Don't call him that) snickered while reading the penis story, during the evening newscast but then later said he was sorry. 

"The story had a word in it that a 10-year-old would laugh at," Beamer said during a later broadcast.  He explained that "laughing about this in any way just perpetuates a stigma that these patients should not have to deal with."

Beamer was back at 10PM and still sorry for laughing, "First,  an apology for something unprofessional and unacceptable that one of our anchors did on the air right here at 5 p.m. today.
"He laughed during a very serious story," Beamer continued. "It was about the medical breakthrough that has the promise to help thousands of people." And the anchor here who was being stupid, immature and unprofessional was me. I'm sorry. I have no excuse for it."

He then explained: "I snickered when I read the story about Thomas Manning and the first penis transplant in the U.S. "I bring up my reaction because it's exactly the kind of thing that Manning has had to deal with before and probably will have to again, but shouldn't."

"Next time you think of laughing at a word or maybe at someone," Beamer concluded, "laugh at me in this teaching moment of why you shouldn't be stupid and insensitive. And remember people like Thomas Manning, who is really brave and can teach us all what real manhood is and that laughter can sometimes be very hurtful."