The Deuce is Dumped in Buffalo

When text messages between WIVB News Director Scott Levy and Assistant News Director Kris O'Donnell were leaked to the local paper, you just knew someone was in trouble.

The text messages did not cast Levy in a good light, as it showed he was making disparaging comments about staffers at the station. 

Levy tried to play off the texts as no big deal, but word is the guy was seething that the messages were leaked. 

Since the messages were sent from Levy to O'Donnell and they did not make Levy look good, logic would say you know where the leak was?

At least that appears to be what Levy figured, because word came down that O'Donnell no longer works at the station. 

O'Donnell worked at the station for 2 years and in an email to the staff Levy wished O’Donnell well.

And we're sure he really meant it to....Not.