Norfolk Anchor Responds to Hater

And again....

A viewers sent an email to WTKR to complain about the jewelry that longtime Anchor Barbara Ciara wears while doing the newscast. 

Ciara shared the viewer's email and her reply:

The viewer wrote: “All the female reporters and anchors wear litlle to no jewelry but B Ciara wears the biggest and worst jewelry I have ever seen, please have her play by all same rules as every one else.”

Ciara's reply:

Gentle viewer,

Thank you so much for watching News 3.

I read your email with a great deal of interest. On a day where a multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed against one of our regional jails, A Navy Seal lost his life during training, The Mayor of Suffolk delivered her state of the city address, and an overlooked neighborhood in the East End of Newport News finally gets a grocery store– you noticed my jewelry.

Perhaps you are correct, you are so distracted you didn’t hear a word I said.

Have a blessed day,
Barbara Ciara
Celebrating 38 years in Broadcasting ‪#‎beenaroundtoolongtobebullied

Ciara says that the people that hide faceless and nameless behind a keyboard and think it is OK to comment have gotten out of hand. 

"We, the targets of your email bullying, say it’s not OK," Ciara says.

We're betting that none of her male counterparts got a single email just week, mentioning anything about their clothes or appearance. 

Just a hunch....