Strahan Signs Off Today

"Live" Co-host Michael Strahan signs off tody and we're guessing no one is happier than he is.

ABC announced that Strahan was leaving, "Live with Kelly and Michael and headed full time to Good Morning America.

Since that announcement, Strahan has remained on the high road, while his co-host Kelly Ripa has detoured to the lowest road she could find. 

On Thursday Ripa was photographed wearing a jacket with the word "Freedom" written on the back, you know, because she's 11 years old. 

Since the announcement and Ripa's 3rd grade hissy fit, regular viewers of the talk show say the relationship between the co-hosts has been visibly strained ever since ABC awkwardly announced Strahan's move to "GMA."

On Thursday, for instance, Twitter user ‏@Cajunwealth wrote that "Kelly is acting like a scorned lover" while @dfhammill wrote, "Could they be more uncomfortable with one another -- painful 2 watch but can't look away."


@SarahLeeNY wrote, "Watching Kelly and Michael on my day off is actually like being at work. Its two people who cant stand each other pretending to like each other."