Former Producer Sues Sinclair

A Former Austin Producer is suing Sinclair Broadcast Group and KEYE.

Mexican journalist Franklin Leal  who worked for Telemundo Austin/KEYE says that he was the target of multiple attacks on his person in his work area as well as at his residence.

He is now suing the station and its owner Sinclair. 

The suit goes against the General Manager Amy Suzanne Villarreal and Executive Producer Ana Maria Lamas, who Leal claims committed reprehensible acts against against him.

The legal document states the participation of the Telemundo Austin and KEYE-TV News Director, Robert Cartwright and Telemundo Austin News Anchor, Daniel Morales, who contributed to the toxic and the hostile environment that led to the hospitalization of Franklin Leal, after multiple situations against his professional work, where he held the job of up to five people in one shift.

“I lived a hell, that almost ended with my own life. I was a victim of psychological abuse and  torture. I ended hospitalized and under medical treatment. I worked in an extremely hostile and toxic environment that affected my physical and mental health strongly. I was wrongfully terminated while under medical disability, which is a clear violation of the American disability Act, an act that protects workers in situations of illness," Leal says. 

"I was treated like a criminal without reason; they sent me the SWAT police force to my house while I was in medical recovery," Leal. He then says that, "The station hired armed guards and showed my picture, indicating a hazard alert if someone saw me near the TV grounds, they ended my contract abruptly without reason."

Wait? The SWAT team is sent to his house and the station hired armed guards to keep him out?

Something tells me there is more to this story than what he is saying in the lawsuit.

But that's just a hunch.