Former Atlanta Anchor Admits to being an Alcoholic

Well, it's sweeps, so a story like this was expected. 

Former WAGA Anchor Amanda Davis  now finally she admits that she is an alcoholic.

It a sweeps piece that WGCL will next Tuesday, Davis, who has been arrested at least three times over the years for charges of driving while intoxicated, will admit to being an alcoholic. 

Last year, FTVLive reported on that Davis was arrested on the night before she was supposed to debut WGCL's "Just A Minute" franchise.

Soon after that arrest, she went into rehab and received probation and community service for that latest arrest. 

Now, in a dramatic 30-second teaser, her body swathed in light with a dark background, she announces, “I’m Amanda Davis. I’m an alcoholic.” Then the following words pop up: “DUI arrests,” “depression,” “life spiraling out of control,” “rock bottom,” “denial,” “faith.”

The special report is entitled “Amanda Davis: In Her Own Words.”

Davis, who worked at WAGA for more than 26 years and until now, never publicly admitted to alcoholism before or discussed her problem in any fashion. 

Don't you love sweeps?

H/T Atlanta Journal Constitution