Pastor Claims Megyn Kelly uses her program to undermine Christianity

Fox News host Megyn Kelly may have kissed and made up with Donald Trump, but a Texas Pastor is still piling on. 

A female pastor in Texas took to television to criticize Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and call her an anti-Christian and anti-conservative.

In her weekly episodes of "Faye Hardin Present BattleCry," the Texas pastor launched a rant against Kelly, who she thinks is part of the liberals' plan to destroy Christianity.

While Faye Hardin acknowledged that there are one or two individuals on Fox who take a stand for the conservatives, she also said most of the network's hosts have become liberal feminists.

Hardin said Kelly uses her program to undermine Christianity. The pastor also said the Fox host sets up her guests and puts words into their mouth.

"And I've never seen anybody that detests Christians and conservatives like Megyn Kelly," Hardin continued. "Well, she's got a major platform and she's gettin' millions to desecrate who we are and why we are that, depicting us to be absolutely irresponsible and, uh, radicals. If that's not a twist in the truth."

Wow! I wonder what she would say about Rachel Maddow? 

H/T Christain Daily