Man Climbs LA Station's Tower

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KTLA in Los Angelas got an unwanted visitor to the station. But this guy didn't come into the station, he climbed their tower instead. 

The man stayed on the tower for 3 hours, refusing to come down. Police shutdown  Sunset Boulevard as the man in the tower smoked cigarettes and talked on his phone. 

"Of course, we're hoping that this will be peacefully resolved and we can get him to come down, but we do have the Fire Department on scene in case he does decide to jump," Los Angeles Police Department Detective Meghan Aguilar said. "It does appear as though he's taking his time up there."

Anita McMillan-Murphy saw the incident unfolding on television and realized she recognized the man from her church.

"I saw the picture and I said, 'I know him,'" McMillan-Murphy told KTLA.

She drove to the station and helped talk the man off the tower. 

Police said McMillan-Murphy was critical in getting the man to climb down.

"When he was told that she was out here, he actually told our negotiators he would come down from the ledge he was on if she would come over and speak with him," Aguilar said.

Once on the ground, the man was handcuffed and taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

"He's a good man, he's just got some problems," McMillan-Murphy said.

It was still not clear why he climbed the tower. He was not arrested and no charges were expected to be filed, Aguilar said.