Fox VP Jumps to Fresco

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that the Fox O&O's (AKA The Firm) would start using the Fresco app to get viewers to shoot the news and therefore save their stations money. 

Now Fresco has announced that Fox O&O VP, Digital Media Ron Stitt has joined citizen journalism startup.

Stitt leaves The Firm and will now be Special Advisor to Fresco CEO John H. Meyer.

“Ron will be an instrumental part of our growth strategy, providing valuable insight and guidance as we continue to build partnerships with news organizations and find creative ways for Fresco to expand,” said Meyer.

"The news industry has been talking UGC and citizen journalism for years, but somehow it's never fully-formed even though the raw technological hurdles were cleared several years ago,” said Stitt. “What's been missing is the vision and execution to make it happen. Fresco News is proving it now, and solving for real business opportunities and pain points. When evaluating tech companies, you don't just pick the technology, you pick the people. And that's why I'm very excited to roll up my sleeves and work with these guys.”