Wendy Bell: We will Rise from the Ashes

Wendy Bell's doctor husband is crying himself to sleep after his wife lost her job for making a racist post to her Facebook page. 

Bell an Anchor at WTAE was fired for the post and after her firing, he Facebook page was deleted. But less than a week letter, Bell opened up another Facebook page and is posting there.

She has stayed away from the racial stuff that got her sacked and seems to be playing the victim. She says she hasn't eaten much or slept since she got canned. 

Her most recent post is about her twin boys and how they are each other's soulmate. Bell ends her post talking about her husband. She writes: 

But I believe each of us has a soulmate. Mine is asleep on our living room couch right now with a sick stomach and dried tears on his cheek. Sleep gently, sweetheart, and take my hand.

Pittsburgh will carry us.

And we will rise from the ashes.

Excuse me, I think I threw up in my mouth a little. 

Bell's page has gained over 50,000 followers since she launched it. Many say that proves how popular she is and how wrong it was for the station to fired her.

Others say it's like watching a train wreck, you just can't turn away. 

We'll let you decided what you think?