Megyn Kelly calls out CNN without Calling out CNN


Fox News host Megyn Kelly called out CNN boss Jeff Zucker and his network, but did it without naming names. 

Speaking about Donald Trump and his frontrunner status, Kelly said, "Yes, we all have to worry about numbers to some extent. That's the reality of TV news in 2016," Kelly said at a at Lincoln Center event in New York. "But we also have to worry about our souls, and journalism."

Kelly says the reason Trump rose in the polls is because of the massive amounts of non-stop media coverage he has been given. 

And then, she basically looked in CNN's direction and said, "And then the media would sit there and say, 'It's amazing how the polls are just up, up,'" the FNC host said. "It's like, you're putting your thumb on the scale. It's not an anti-Trump thing. It's a responsibility as journalists thing."

"....we don't do that for other candidates, so it's not fair," Kelly said.

Finally, a sane voice in the media speaks out.