Swift Justice

A man that thought it would be funny to yell FHRITP to a news crew got run over by karma.

It happened north of the border, where a Calgary man screamed out the vulgar phrase while driving by in his company vehicle. 

CityTV News Photographer Darren Wright was getting some b-roll footage for a story about speeders and a white truck drove into his frame.

“A gentleman drove his vehicle into the shot, opened up his door and yelled some very inappropriate language,” Wright said.

“I was surprised,” Wright said. “I thought that all the attention of this had kind of died down now and that people understood that it was not a phrase that should be uttered in public.”

After being informed of the video, the company that owned the truck the guy was driving,  immediately fired the employee.

While the man behind the wheel decided not to do a formal interview, he did express extreme remorse to the company and Wright, adding hopefully he can serve as an example for others not to make the same mistake.

Of course you know they will.

Here is the video which edits out the company name on the truck.