Sheriff Calls Out Ft. Myers Station

Mike Scott is the Sheriff of Lee County, which is located in Southwest Florida. At the moment, Sheriff Mike is not too happy with Waterman's WZVN.

The Sheriff took to Facebook to call out the station, for what he claims was putting Deputies lives in danger. 

Here is the post the Sheriff made to the department's Facebook:

A note from Sheriff Mike Scott:

Last week, the brave men and women of law enforcement dismantled a major heroin operation in our community.  The success of the mission was well publicized by the same media that actually risked compromising it before publicizing it.  You see, on the eve and eve prior of this operation, Waterman Broadcasting, which is NBC 2 and ABC 7, refused our requests to scrap their story about techniques used in undercover surveillance.  Techniques that were in fact being utilized in this major drug bust.

So while some new to town Reporter in a long line of many was writing a story, Vice Detectives were writing Search Warrants.  While this Reporter was adjusting the knot in his tie, the last line of defense was adjusting knots in their stomachs as the morning of the high-risk search warrants approached.  While the Reporters were fixing their hair and applying make-up to look their best before facing a camera, the cops were securing their ballistic body armor and tactical weapons to preserve their lives before facing grave danger or worse.  As the talking heads read the morning news from teleprompters in their bright and insulated studio, the SWAT heroes jumped out of armored vehicles in the pre-dawn hour and busted through the front door of dangerous drug dealers.  

We had trouble with Waterman during critical points of the Dr. Teresa Sievers murder investigation too.  It seems their unquenchable thirst to be first overrides their common sense and courtesy with regard to the integrity of investigations and the safety of law enforcement officers.  I suppose the News Directors make the ultimate decision to not cooperate with us, leaving me to wonder if they would interfere so recklessly were it one of their loved ones murdered, or if the major drug dealer lived on their street.

Our community is a much safer place following last week’s big bust and more will follow despite what appears to be a trend of irresponsible Reporters and reporting in some media circles.  It is truly a shame and a growing problem that we face…as if our job wasn’t tough enough already.

Someone needs to tell Sheriff Mike that when the next election rolls around, he might want that Reporter with the tie and the hairspray to stop by and give him some free pub. 

Of course, the "new to town Reporter" might want to keep to the speed limit for awhile. Or he might find himself in the cross-bars hotel.

And they don't give out hairspray in there.