Don't Shoot the Messenger

FTVLive has gotten a number of emails and comments from Pittsburgh viewers that said we are responsible for getting WTAE Anchor Wendy Bell fired. 

First of all, Wendy Bell is responsible for getting Wendy Bell fired and not us.

Do you really think FTVLive has the power to fire TV people? If we did, Bob Morford, Don Lemon and Tami Marler  would be looking for work. 

One comment on another TV blog said this:

We can assure you that Black Lives Matter has never contacted FTVLive in regards to Wendy Bell, or any other subject and they surely have not given us any money. By-the-way, does Black Lives Matter have any money? I thought it was just a grass roots effort. 

No, Wendy Bell was fired for what she wrote and then deleted on her Facebook page. FTVLive was the FIRST to report the story and we were the FIRST to report she got fired, but FTVLive had nothing to do with getting her sacked. 

Now, if someone wants to finance some FTVLive story we are open to negotiations. 

Let the bidding begin.